Refugee Crisis

In the past 24 hours, nearly 12 inches of rain fell on the camps hosting more than 800,000 Rohingya.
More than 12,000 people are in emergency need of shelter after fleeing the fires overnight at Moria refugee camp.
President Donald Trump has taken multiple steps to limit refugee resettlement in the U.S.
Four of the presidential candidates sponsored a bill to admit Bahamians fleeing hurricane destruction. But the issue was never raised at the debate in Houston.
The actor delivered statements on the humanitarian impact of the Syrian war and how the United States can better help these refugees.
Some critics on Twitter protested that Jesus was not a refugee after the representative-elect wished a merry Christmas to “refugee babies in mangers.”
The Moria camp on the island of Lesbos is way over capacity, forcing people to live in squalor.
Leaders from seven organizations are calling on the Trump administration to bring refugee admissions back to "historical norms."
Aung San Suu Kyi once said: "It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it.”
They're thinking about risking their lives to reach Europe in a rubber dinghy. Or worse.
With elections just over the horizon, Viktor Orban is ramping up his attacks on migration.
The number of migrant crossings is decreasing, but the fatality rate is rising.
The U.S. is pledging aid to the “staggering” humanitarian crisis in Myanmar and Bangladesh while calling for an investigation of the reported atrocities.
They may have been destined for prostitution.
“The numbers are so alarming - it really means that we have to step up our response and that the situation in Myanmar has to be addressed urgently.”
The WorldPost sat down with Ai to discuss his new documentary about the refugee crisis.
“They are in a very, very desperate condition."
'Sesame Street' is creating content tailored to refugee children.