The Future of Work

3. Everyone knows that a strong tech infrastructure is important to every business. The Millennials, however, are a generation
Someone may be very upset with you, but you don't have to escalate the conflict. You can take responsibility for the perception you triggered in the other and do your best to maintain equanimity.
My mind was stretched by reading Solis' new book. Solis masterfully shared a narrative around the stunning importance and tangible positive effects on experience when business meets design.
The peaceful, balanced, and kind Suku totally lost it. He got so pissed off that he went into some sort of angry trance. When he woke up there were a lot of casualties around him. Almost anything he could have done would have been better. But in that moment, he was hijacked by his emotions.
You can't be rational if you are too emotional. But you can't be rational if you are not emotional. When you are too emotional, you don't want to do what you know is best. When you are too emotional, you don't want to use the techniques you know will make things better.
From the fourth perspective, you look at the world through the mind; from the fifth perspective, you look at the world through the heart.
From this point of view you can see life as a movie and yourself as a detached spectator. You have no agenda other than discovering the truth -- the truth that will set you free.
The first person perspective reveals to you how things show up for you. To truly experience this perspective as a perspective
Have you ever postponed an argument with your spouse because "the kids might hear us?" If so, you might have taken the third person perspective. That means that you would have put yourself in their shoes and imagined what they would think and feel if they heard your conversation.
Shane's unfiltered thoughts are toxic. They won't improve the work, will harm the relationship and betray his cherished values of respect and compassion.