Rim Fire

The NPS believes the blaze burning in Little Yosemite Valley may be a spot fire that spread from the lightning-caused Meadow
Photos on social media and webcam images from The Yosemite Conservancy showed the towering granite landmark with smoke and
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For instance, the target shooter who ignited a fire on Mount Diablo in September will not face charges, but the man who started
The area burned by wildfires is expected to double in some parts of the West by 2050. Credit: Xu Yue To make their predictions
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The Rim Fire had charred nearly 223,000 acres (89,000 hectares) by early on Sunday, mostly in the Stanislaus National Forest
This makes the fire the fifth largest in California since we started recording fire sizes in the 1930s.
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 30 (Reuters) - Fire crews battling to keep a massive blaze from invading the heart of Yosemite National
In a statement on Wednesday dubbed by SF Weekly as "a strong contender for most passive-aggressive press release of the year
According to the Los Angeles Times, firefighters may have the Rim Fire fully contained in about two weeks. As of Thursday
"The fire is not going directly at the experimental forest, but it's too early to say (it is in the clear)," Escobedo said
Today, we are 11 days into the seventh largest fire in California's history. And it's not over yet. As of this morning, the "Rim Fire" has burned 187,000 acres, including our beloved Berkeley family camp.
In the search for the latest updates on California's Rim Fire -- already one of the largest in the state's history -- it
"That's not smoke. It's the Nothing from 'The NeverEnding Story,' said Facebook user Sam Daw. "This is the end." In the tidal
The map below shows the Rim Fire highlighted in red with data from the California Fire Map. The yellow pins indicate the
These nighttime images were taken between Aug. 23-26 and show how the fire is spreading. NASA's Terra satellite took this
“We have a lot of background variability from year to year and decade to decade in precipitation and rain and snow,” Westerling
Though the metropolis is nearly 150 miles away from the fire, the blaze threatens the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System