Rim Fire

The NPS believes the blaze burning in Little Yosemite Valley may be a spot fire that spread from the lightning-caused Meadow
Photos on social media and webcam images from The Yosemite Conservancy showed the towering granite landmark with smoke and
Sometimes it takes someone else showing you where there's hope to be able to see it, and sometimes it helps to look at an old situation in a new way to see what's growing out of the ashes.
Federal prosecutors have declined to comment on Knowles’ announcement. The National Park Service estimates that as many as
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Among the landmarks potentially in the path of the blaze are two groves of the park's famed sequoia trees. The Yosemite Valley
This makes the fire the fifth largest in California since we started recording fire sizes in the 1930s.
Much of the work on Thursday was devoted to preparing key roadside areas in the park and adjacent forest for controlled burning
The International Bottled Water Association appears to be harboring some resentment toward San Francisco for a 2007 bottled
In this stunning time-lapse video, at once both eerily beautiful and incredibly terrifying, the sheer intensity of this disaster
Firefighters have built containment lines around 30 percent of the blaze, which erupted nearly two weeks ago and earlier
Today, we are 11 days into the seventh largest fire in California's history. And it's not over yet. As of this morning, the "Rim Fire" has burned 187,000 acres, including our beloved Berkeley family camp.
Importantly, users can explore the air quality of certain areas, too -- a useful tool, as parts of Nevada and California
Stone posted the photo to his Facebook page and it was quickly shared across social media. Almost as shocking as the photo
Matter, a photographer, had irreplaceable 11-by-14 black and white photos of all her children that she hand-colored. She
Dubbed the "Rim Fire," its large, lit footprint can be seen from space. These photos, released by NASA, were taken in the
“We have a lot of background variability from year to year and decade to decade in precipitation and rain and snow,” Westerling
Protecting said infrastructure was part of the motivation behind California Governor Jerry Brown's declaration of a state