Rob Dyrdek

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Skateboarding isn't a new phenomena but thanks in large part to SLS, it's becoming much more lucrative. There are four events on the 2014 SLS tour, and each one pays at least $100,000 in 1st place prize money, with the total series purse exceeding $1 million.
Officials estimated 2,000 people attended the event. Dyrdek, who drew loud cheers from the crowd each time his name was mentioned
First up was Justin Bieber, who not only had an absolute blast punking the likes of Taylor Swift, Sean Kingston and Miley
More than one in 10 people say they've "made love" at their workplace, while many more say they've thought about it, according
Now, we usually don't like to laugh at someone's expense ... but that's what Rob Dyrdek and co. are doing in this exclusive
Black Friday marks the chaotic kickoff to the holiday shopping season. This year, an estimated 152 million Americans -- yes
In this clip we see a skateboarding stunt go very, very wrong. Instead of landing his approximately 12-foot jump, he has
"Skateboarding is being choked by people that simply don’t understand it," the Rob Dyrdek Foundation states. “Skateboarders
In New York's upper Hudson Valley, it's high-five time for Giant Ryan and Weemissfrankie. Both horses were bred just up the road, both have won "Win and You're In" Breeders' Cup Challenge races and it looks like both are going to the Breeders' Cup!
To add even further simlarities between the first winner-take-all Street League Skateboarding Championship (the debut season
Complete with a studio audience (a new experience for Dyrdek) expect some of Dyrdek's closest friends to stop by the show