Rod Kurtz

Resumes, of course, still matter. (And lying on them, as recently departed Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson learned the hard way
"Cake Daddy" "Facebook will be very successful -- as long as management continues to take the big risks." Warren Brown Founder
Those who enjoyed it and what it represented also knew it wouldn't last forever. And as Leroy himself predicted -- in an
2. Suprise people. 1. Keep your brand message consistent. "To succeed in social media, your campaigns have to generate a
Rob Adams Director, Texas Venture Labs at the University of Texas "The Validator" "A great group of people spent some quality
No matter your industry, you'll eventually find yourself going head-to-head with a bigger competitor. So what's the best
Executive Editor Rod Kurtz explains how to hire tech geeks, why more investors are looking overseas and what you can do to stay on Aaron Sorkin's good side.
So what advice do they have for all the eager job seekers out there? We asked our Board of Directors to pull back the curtain
Moving your company's manufacturing overseas can be a tempting way to trim your budget. But what about the hidden costs? And
"More generally, what would you say to these guys and companies of their size, about communicating that message to their