Sally Ride

Mattel is honoring the two historic icons as part of its Inspiring Women series.
From her diagnosis with cancer to her death 17 months later, Sally and I became more publicly open about being a gay couple.
LEGO’s new collection, “Women of NASA” features four game-changing space pioneers.
Sally Ride was a graduate student at Stanford when she answered an ad in the Stanford Daily and applied for a job with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known as NASA.
Plus there's a beautifully animated film to bring life to the 1983 conversation.
In a blog post for Google, the astronaut's life partner, Tam O’Shaughnessy, wrote that Ride would’ve been “honored” by Tuesday’s
Sally Ride led a bifurcated life too. She didn't forget part of herself, she just chose not to present it to the world. I am fascinated by her success in transforming the world while hiding part of herself.
I think Ride's bold mission to the stars also addresses the gravity of twenty-first century Earthlings, and I've teased out some lessons from her exemplary adventure. Live by these, Class of 2014, and you will fly high without ever leaving the planet.
"My desire was to make a contribution to the program," Bluford said in a statement from NASA. Giant Leaps: Top Milestones
"The latest data and surveys show females care greatly about improving the environment around them, and they care about helping
On June 18, 1983, one nation sent its first young female scientist into space, while another government sent young women with high aspirations to the gallows.
NASA currently has 12 active female astronauts. 7 Notable Space Shuttle Astronauts How Valentina Tereshkova's 1963 Vostok
We all can acknowledge that "Geeks" are becoming rock stars in the technology industry, and it seems as though our plugged-in, information-driven culture is starting to turn the tide. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Geek is becoming chic!
Sally Ride's most enduring legacy may well be empowering middle school teachers to expose kids to a wide range of exciting career opportunities that await them in science and engineering.
To be a young girl witnessing this amazing--and I don't use that term lightly--this amazing feat would have changed my life
HuffPost Senior Science Correspondent Cara Santa Maria expresses her gratitude for Neil Armstrong, Janice Voss, Sally Ride, Alan Poindexter, and all of the NASA astronauts who have committed their lives to science exploration.