Saving Strays

The large leatherback apparently got "disoriented" in Cape Cod Bay, but after a change of scenery and some vitamins, he was good to go.
The 3-month-old pit bull was found in a Tampa, Florida, cemetery eating trash and suffering from a chain embedded in her neck. The actor has adopted the dog.
Chevy, an American bulldog, is sitting pretty after being saved from a scary situation on a hike.
The cats are now being cared for by their rescuers at their command post on the island of Koh Lipe.
Marty Thomas and Marissa Rosen enlisted famous pals for their "Puppies Are Forever" video, which encourages responsible pet adoption during COVID-19.
Experts share the important factors to consider before welcoming a dog, cat or other animal into your home.
Lola, a chocolate Labrador retriever, was trapped on the Sheyenne River near Fargo, North Dakota; she is now safe at home with her owner.
The little lord is all tuckered out in a video posted by his new mom.
Rescues and shelters have been inundated with pet adoption applications during the coronavirus pandemic. So be patient and don't get discouraged.
The Bravo host said "an incident" involving his 1-year-old son, Benjamin Allen, forced him to hand his pup off to new owners.
"Pandemics are hard. But Scruffy's presence made everything more tolerable."
Adoptions and fosters are on the rise during the coronavirus pandemic, but there are still animals in need of homes.
But staff at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in the U.K. are optimistic about Monique's situation after her sad party for one went viral.
A North Carolina shelter turned Perdita's crotchety vibe into a paw-sitive and made her a star.
The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary first thought the bird was injured, but it turns out she was just carrying some extra holiday weight.
Tangee is a "spry" tabby whose age makes her about the equivalent of a 96-year-old human.
The bird presumably lived in the tree for over a week without anyone noticing.
A scary moment had a happy ending thanks to the quick actions of a man in Texas.