Saving Strays

Chella Phillips brought the dogs into her Nassau home as the storm lashed the Bahamas.
She's now settling in at a sanctuary, and is set to eventually join a new herd.
Netflix and the Fab Five gave this pup a makeover for National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.
An animal rescue group says the plus-size German rodent simply had too much "good food."
A rescue group took in Poochie, thinking he would be with them forever. That was before the country singer and his family saw him.
Get pumped for the big game this year with some puppy overload.
A new law requires all pet stores to identify the public agency, shelter or rescue group that the animals came from.
After breaking free on a New Jersey highway, Brianna is starting over at Skylands Animal Sanctuary.
Darden Schurg admits the move was dangerous, but said, "I felt it was only right."
The adorably odd couple, who are named Jack and Diane, bonded together on an abandoned farm and were miserable when they were separated.
Bronx resident Raymond Deidesheimer saved the sweet feline from a potentially horrible fate.
“They have fought so hard to live," said the co-founder of Ziggy's Refuge Farm Sanctuary in North Carolina.
After a long, intense 28-hour rescue mission, a stranded humpback whale has returned home.
Tammie Hedges of Crazys Claws N Paws was previously charged with 12 counts of practicing veterinary medicine without a license.
The youngsters' tails were knotted together with long grasses and plastic strips their mom had used for their nest.
The group leading the rescue effort expects the costs to spay, neuter, vet and transport the animals to exceed $100,000.
Congrats to all the happy dogs, cats, bunnies and other critters out there!
Bruno needs to be pet while he eats and have his water just so. He also needs a home!
In a surprising twist, the squirrel was the one who needed assistance.