Science History

Wave-particle duality is the idea that elementary particles can exhibit wave-like behavior--for example, as seen in the classic
Watson shared the Nobel prize with Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins. The auction house Christie's said the medal, which
The movie spotlights Turing's work as a codebreaker during World War II. That's a logical choice given his success in cracking
NASA's Kepler probe has changed all that. So far the space-based telescope has confirmed the existence of 978 extrasolar
"As we look out, we are seeing back in time, and by the time we see 12 billion years back, the universe is only a couple
Scientists have lots of bizarre theories about black holes. Black holes gobble up everything that gets too close, even light
Unlike several of their predecessors, Belka and Strelka survived the mission and became "beloved national celebrities," The
A century later the canal is still a vibrant part of international trade and still contributes to U.S. military power (even
"It's hard sometimes to get a feel for scientific discovery," Kiffer told Live Science. "How do you collect something as
Neil Armstrong inspired millions when he took those first steps on the moon. But the man others saw as a heroic explorer