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Researchers say Juan Manuel Fangio was better than any other F1 driver, living or dead. Here's why.
The Coriolis effect, caused by the earth's rotation, explains why the ball bounced right after hitting a goal post upright.
A new study challenges the notion that collision injuries are the biggest threat for Major League Baseball catchers.
Listening to music during exercise could lead to a better workout, scientists say.
It turns out that long-distance runners mostly think about how miserable running is, according to new research.
"On average, the more active members of twin pairs were jogging three hours more per week compared to their inactive co-twins
What do others make of the theory? One mathematician said sports knowledge can provide an edge. Hey, basketball pundits, here's
More loss-averse participants had lower striatal activity (and thus performed worse) when playing for large potential wins
How should we train to improve our running performance? By modeling running in the form of equations, and then solving them, we can now predict the optimal strategy to run a given distance in the shortest amount of time thanks to powerful mathematics.
The study was published in the June 2014 edition of the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. But does flopping
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What did the researchers find? The study was published online in the journal Acta Psychologica on Sept. 28, 2014. And it
Why do scientists warn against diving so deep? When deep sea divers take the plunge, they face a wide range of risks, including