Shark Attacks

The chiropractor is ready to hit the waves again — after he heals — in shark attack capital of the world.
Jordan Lindsey, 21, was snorkeling with family from California when she was attacked near Rose Island.
The child was swimming off Bald Head Island before he was bitten on his leg. North Carolina saw just three shark attacks last year.
He "was in the wrong place at the wrong time doing something in a place he loved," said a friend.
Rescuers performed CPR onshore but he was declared dead at the scene.
The attack is the first fatal shark attack in Massachusetts since 1936.
The victims, a 12-year-old girl and 13-year-old boy, are expected to fully recover after the first recorded shark attacks in New York since 1953.
"I don't blame the shark, I don't blame the bear, and I don't blame the rattlesnake," the victim said.
The victim suffered severe injuries to his right hand and leg.
"It felt like five or six hands were grabbing into the side of my arm and squeezing it as hard as they could," she said.
The 25-year-old suffered major bite wounds to right thigh in "horrifying" encounter.
"The shark kept coming at us,” Parker Simpson recalled after the animal bit him on the leg.
The "back of her leg was kind of missing," said a witness who rushed to the rescue.
A medium-sized great white had been spotted in the area twice in the past week.