A man who sped out on a Jet Ski in an attempt to help said he filmed a 13-foot shark in the water, which immediately started circling him.
"We don't really expect to see these white sharks staying together, but Simon and Jekyll — they seem to be buddies."
The “horrific” incident was “like something out of ‘Jaws,’” an “Our Planet II” producer said.
The "Late Show" host showed how the Florida governor's 2024 aspirations are off to a rough start.
“One of the things I still fear [is] ... that sharks are mad at me for the feeding frenzy of crazy sports fishermen that happened after 1975,” said the filmmaker.
At a Pennsylvania rally, President Donald Trump seemed to confirm a detail in porn star Stormy Daniels’ claim of an affair -- that he does not like sharks.
Lemon, blacktip, bonnethead and nurse sharks have crowded into the waterway in Buttonwood Harbor.
"Oh, no, no, no, no, no," an observer said on video as the drama suddenly unfolded.
Fortunately, this "big ass shark" was just after plankton.
Biologists said the discovery could be a first along a long stretch of Indian coastline.