The strange incident came after at least three animals escaped city slaughterhouses and were found roaming the streets.
Have you “herd” the news? “Wool” these sheep make it through the streets of this busy city?
The flock's new members will tend the grounds of the Basilica of Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral over the next six weeks.
Version Two | Kibbeh Bil Sayneeye (Baked Kibbeh Recipe) 1. Add a drizzle of olive oil to the bottom of a tray. 2. For this
"He is described as being of medium build, with white hair that has been recently shorn."
Ah, it is "poetic" and one just doesn't know what the critters are "doing next". How do sheep make a space for the listener's
Most Americans touring England go to the romantic Cotswolds -- rolling hills with quaint villages hidden in its ravines. The
“There’s plenty of meat on him for chops," the farmer points out.
This Letter from Melbourne begins with a report on Tasmania (Tassie in Australianese). Hobart is the most charming southern town on the planet. I checked.
Mesmerizing aerial footage shows them herded between paddocks.
In the end, Ireland features far more than a series of landmarks. It also offers far more than miles and miles of stunning scenery. What makes Ireland truly unique are all the living creatures who call it home, including the animals.
For those who enjoy a meaty spread during the festive season, it's worth knowing that not all lamb tastes the same. It depends on where it comes from, and what it has been eating.