Silicon Valley

In a tearful testimony, the disgraced entrepreneur said she was the abused puppet of her former business partner and ex-lover Sunny Balwani.
The fallen Silicon Valley star returned to the witness stand to tell a story likely to determine whether she is convicted or acquitted of criminal charges.
Rep. Matt Gaetz told supporters they have an “obligation” to use their Second Amendment rights against Silicon Valley companies that silence conservatives, the day after a mass shooting in San Jose.
The embattled Florida right-winger made the comments the day after a mass shooting in San Jose.
Why did it take so long to combat his dangerous disinformation?
Thousands of moderators have helped keep the social platform clear of upsetting content -- at the expense of their own mental health.
Silicon Valley pioneer Larry Tesler created now-ubiquitous computer concepts such as “cut,” “copy” and “paste."
"The industry is its own best satire in a lot of ways," says startup vet Anna Wiener.
Facebook took a full year to reply to an initial subpoena, a court filing said.
“They got people from Stanford to do the math," the actor said.
"I started Backstage Capital after noticing the disparities in the amount of money that was going to black women and other underrepresented founders, as compared to white men in Silicon Valley."
The Obama years were boom times for the party’s cozy relationship with Big Tech, but the party is moving on.
The story is pretty kooky, but critics pointed out how it highlights the significant income disparity in the Bay Area.
“Unfortunately cities want to attract companies and jobs, not build housing.”
Founder Elizabeth Holmes was indicted on fraud charges earlier this year.
Researchers are launching one of the first ever placebo-controlled trials of microdosing to answer this very question.
In his latest early-morning Twitter rant, President Trump is blaming Google for all the negative press he’s receiving.