Silicon Valley

"I started Backstage Capital after noticing the disparities in the amount of money that was going to black women and other underrepresented founders, as compared to white men in Silicon Valley."
The Obama years were boom times for the party’s cozy relationship with Big Tech, but the party is moving on.
The story is pretty kooky, but critics pointed out how it highlights the significant income disparity in the Bay Area.
“Unfortunately cities want to attract companies and jobs, not build housing.”
Founder Elizabeth Holmes was indicted on fraud charges earlier this year.
Researchers are launching one of the first ever placebo-controlled trials of microdosing to answer this very question.
In his latest early-morning Twitter rant, President Trump is blaming Google for all the negative press he’s receiving.
“I think what Mr. Bannon is clearly trying to do is race-bait. He is trying to drive a wedge between races.” -- John C. Yang, executive director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC.
“It freaks people out in the Valley,” a character says of Christianity.
Adding more white women to the top of the tech world won't solve the industry's problems. It'll entrench them.
"What are you going to tell me? Don’t represent me on TV because I don’t look like Chow Young Fat? Like f**k you, dude!"
We need to look beyond "thought leaders" and their 1,000-word prescriptions.
"You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t," one woman said of attending these secret gatherings.
We'd like to apologize in advance to HuffPost readers who don't get their internet from Verizon.
‘Silicon Valley’ star T.J. Miller is accused of sexually assaulting a woman he attended college with at George Washington University. Miller and his wife Kate Gorney are strongly denying the allegations.