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Securing the Safety of the Business Traveler using Cross Board Preparedness Planning Growth-minded companies should be mindful
2. Google wants your site to be mobile friendly - Way back in April 2015, I warned you about Mobilegeddon, the change that
Millennials have officially surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation's largest living generation, dominating the workforce and
As an entrepreneur, you are constantly "on". Not only do you have your hands full with the day to day operations of your
This year we lost an incredible WWII veteran and award-winning entrepreneur, who many considered to be one of the nation's top thought leaders and grandfathers for the "vetrepreneurship" movement to inspire more veterans to explore entrepreneurship as a career path.
In short, leave the bets to fantasy football. Don't put your business at risk for an 11th hour hail Mary by waiting until
Even though it requires work and investment on your part at the beginning, it will benefit you in the end. From tax breaks
What do you think about using scare tactics to sell? Seen any recent examples of where it's done well or poorly? The explanation
The beauty of a business practicing core values is that it permeates everything you do. Core values add a layer of transparency
When my mom, a baby boomer, sent our family a group text using what she thought was a Hershey Kiss emoji, everyone erupted
Snapchat's on-demand geofilter is fairly new (it was released in February of this year) and not many people are aware of the amazing benefits that it offers to businesses.
Picture this: you own a successful local retail business in, say, beautiful Washington, DC. All of your hard work and sacrifice is paying off. You aren't banging it out of the park, but you are doing nicely. Your customer base is growing, your inventory is under control, and you are starting to turn a steady profit.
"The need for services such as those provided by PCV continues unabated in persistent pockets of poverty throughout Contra
The challenge I presented was we need to shape the future of Thinking Machines, of AI. What could we do to use AI to meet
1. Encourage your clients to get social with you! Geofilters are perfect for your clients and guests to do some promotion
These Core Principles Should Inform a Disclosure Box for the Digital Age: A recent focus group study conducted by the Federal
WHY ARE THEY ASKING FOR THIS INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR LOAN? The answer to this question goes back to how you got your loan
But to shoppers and visitors to your website, lines signal value. 3. Create seasonal offers. Scarcity is a common marketing
The .com domain extension has been the clear leader, and honestly, always will be. For new businesses, finding an exact-match .com domain that matches their business name often becomes a very difficult task. Many new startups will secure a domain prior to finalizing their name for this very reason.
For more than a decade, I've heard small business owners speak proudly of their operations and their impact while lamenting