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They found it swimming two miles beneath the ocean in one of the deepest ocean trenches on the planet.
Some find the idea of a theme park full of hyper-realistic, free-roaming robots a little unsettling for some reason.
The humanoid baller tossed it from the half court line too.
Dozens of high-traffic sites, including the New York Times and CNN, could not be reached due to the cloud service company's outage.
"I think when people see the new things that robots can do, it excites them,” Boston Dynamics founder and chairperson Marc Raibert told reporters.
"This is what they'll do when they win," one Twitter user quipped.
The town of Takikawa purchased and installed a pair of the robots after bears were found roaming neighborhoods.
"Working with Grant was so much fun," former co-host Adam Savage said. "I’ll miss my friend."
The robot, developed by Japanese researchers, can answer questions and engage in conversation. It previously served as a newscaster.
"I just got chased by a robot in Stop & Shop, the future is now."