Smarter Marketing

The New York Times reported this week how this year's presidential campaign has been marked by significant financial contributions
Today's collegians generally see through gimmicks; they will nimbly jump through a hoop for free swag, but if you are looking to build lasting brand equity with the newest generation of consumers, then it is time to change the way you think about college kids.
It may involve digging deeper and really getting to know targeted consumers' world, but the results will be astonishing in terms of brand acceptance and marketing success.
Will consumers who are motivated to act because of the offer still order their "usual" out of habit and/or preference? What are the best and worst and baseline emotional, operational and financial scenarios?
Of course, Apple did eventually tap its overflowing coffers to promote the iPhone. Schiller testified that Apple spent $97.5
For more on the viral campaign, head over to the "Dark Knight Rises" website. As the papers ("papers") say, with Harvey Dent