What about the art underlying these gastronomical poems forged in beef, cheese, and bun?
Americans' love affair with beef has consequences beyond our borders. According to Boucher's 2012 study, U.S. beef consumption helps drive tropical deforestation, which is now responsible for about 10 percent of the world's carbon emissions. As demand for beef goes up worldwide, so does deforestation.
Do you like mayo on your burgers? If you do, you probably like a lot of mayo, right? Ever wondered what it would look like
But it's not American appetites or its celebrity ties that helped turn the company into a comeback story. It's the burger
Given the amount of fanfare that surrounds In-N-Out Burger, one would think that the fast-casual chain was fairly ubiquitous
The burger is one of those American foods that will never go away. There have been books written and movies filmed about
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Last night's debate on foreign policy taught America that there's basically no difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
The quick service burger wars are heating up and one relative newcomer -- Smashburger -- is poised for the challenge. So
Summer means longer days, which means longer hours at Farmshop at the Brentwood Country Mart and more time for fried chicken.
"Our business model looks more Google-like or techlike, in terms of having our brand be very established very quickly, before
The Forbes article cited Smashburger's innovative incentive-based employee pay and the chain's relatively adventurous menu
The American military may slowly be pulling out of the Middle East, but the troops are quickly being replaced by another
Not long ago, people ate lots of ordinary burgers. These burgers were perfectly acceptable. They were inexpensive, satisfied
Strangely, the qualities I look for in a good burger actually mirror what I look for in the ladies. I'm after the hotness. I'm after some olfactory intrigue. And good conversation doesn't hurt.
Flying under the radar has been the surprising story of the United States Olympic Committee and the City of Colorado Springs arguing about money, facilities and threats to leave the state.