Social Change

Chance The Rapper and Steph Curry teamed up with Barack Obama to make a powerful new PSA for the former President’s charity.
Jianghong Li, WZB Berlin Social Science Center. and Wen-Jui Han, NYU Shanghai This article is the third in our new series
Athletes cannot, need not, stay silent. They can choose to be leaders in the social justice movement.
Thirty One Bits, a company that uses 100% recycled materials for their necklaces and accessories made by women in Uganda
We marched surrounded by millions of women of every color, of every age, of every religion. Men were there with us too.
After the success of this fundraiser, I started traveling the world and, with the help of CrowdRise, running flash fundraisers
Another observation from Meister is that team development will take on a higher importance in 2017. As Ashley Goodall, Senior
Given today is the official holiday recognizing Dr. King, I thought it was appropriate to turn to him for on advice on how
"I'm the son of high school drop outs--my mom and dad--and now I am the first generation high school graduate," said Diego
The team at Sojourner Center is dedicated to the field of domestic violence. We go to work every day now at a campus that
What unfolds in the organization of human societies is largely conditioned upon collective belief of what is possible. Our
It is because of this new outlook that I now realize that changing is as beautiful as it gets.
I hope you join me by joining and supporting this exceptional group or by advocating for emergency climate action in other
It is not enough to be a critic. If educators, parents, and students, and progressive citizens are going to transform public education in the United States we have to develop an Anti-Trump Agenda and build an Anti-Trump social movement.
Dr. Maria E. Garay-Serratos is CEO of Sojourner Center in Phoenix, AZ. She knows we can end the cycles of domestic violence
This combination of the destructiveness of the right and the weakness of the left has resulted in one of the most profound
2016 has been a year of immense ups, downs, and overall division in both the United States and abroad. We saw Brexit, the
Bring out the inspiration Bring out the new American poetic tradition The new global poetic and musical movements That unite