Social Entrepreneurship

Life was tough indeed when I took a conscious decision to establish Operation ASHA. My aim was clear- that of providing health
Thirty One Bits, a company that uses 100% recycled materials for their necklaces and accessories made by women in Uganda
So I quit. After carrying out research on the legal protection of wildlife and ecosystems during the construction of a port
Here's to making a big impact locally in 2017! While thinking globally and acting locally has been a common phrase among
What Made Shane Martincik a Social Media Marketing Genius? As a young and seasoned entrepreneur, Shane started working on
One of the key passages of the Paris Agreement was inclusive of non-state actors. During COP22, I attended a side event on
As I have learned where Give Running can directly influence and indirectly assist, I have gained an appreciation for how
What is your cause? Gone Adventurin is a social enterprise - based in Singapore and operating across Asia - that helps companies
At its core, entrepreneurship is about financial empowerment. But making money wasn't the only goal at the Under 30 Summit
It wasn't always this way. As William Cohen, Ph.D., a graduate of the Peter Drucker School of Management at Claremont College
A number of smart entrepreneurs have identified this opportunity, and have been investing in different ways to deliver cheap
Changes in cultural and social behavior in Iran have led to the creation of an environment that supports entrepreneurship
Each of these is a great example of a woman stepping up to lead business as a force for global change - on her terms! "Feminism
We use to brainstorm about potential business ideas every time we saw each other. One of those days we started talking about
As the 2016 Slovak Presidency of the EU winds down, Bratislava has played host to the 4th GLOBSEC Tatra Summit investment
The economic challenges that many are experiencing, and division over how to address these challenges, block progress and
Racial Injustice: Highlighting the Black Lives Matter Movement As the 2016 Forbes Under 30 Summit indicated, social impact
Will you make your voice heard and say enough is enough. No more of the senseless killings of unarmed Black men without cause by the police? Or will you remain silent?
As former U.S. president Bill Clinton once said, "Intelligence, dreams and the willingness to work are evenly distributed throughout the world." I believe that what we have to do is tap into the already existing and immense entrepreneurial energy for a greater social impact.
Here is another in my series of women entrepreneurs in Africa. Mariatheresa Kadushi from Tanzania attended my Design Driven Entrepreneurship class in Nairobi, Kenya. She was a participant in the YALI East African Regional Learning Center, a center opened by President Obama in the summer of 2015.