Social Justice

Oxfam has released a report ahead of the 2019 World Economic Forum meeting in Davos highlighting how low taxes on the world’s wealthiest has led to inequality that is ‘out of control’. Taxes on the super rich are at the lowest level they’ve been in decades, while hundreds of millions of children across the globe go without education and millions struggle to access healthcare, according to Oxfam. They suggest that a 0.5 percent increase in taxes on the wealthiest one percent could provide the funds to support those education and health services.
The suspected shooter is a Chinese American man believed to have targeted the Taiwanese community.
HuffPost senior culture reporter Marina Fang describes "teaching" pop culture to herself — and eventually turning it into a career.
When an individual’s mug shot goes viral on Facebook, they are often subjected to extreme harassment and struggle to find stable housing and employment.
GOP lawmakers blasted the Biden administration for providing baby formula to detained undocumented immigrants during a shortage.
"I never leave home without pepper spray, with the safety unlocked and in an accessible place in my pocket."
The Fox News host spewed a demeaning hot take on the new White House press secretary.
From meatpacking to homebuilding, a lack of workers is costing Americans at a time when inflation is already a top concern.
Eight months into temporary status, Afghan evacuees in the U.S. only have limited — and difficult — options to stay in the U.S. permanently.
"I, and the many other moms who've had to take time out of the workforce, need your grace and understanding."