Social Justice

The group, led by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, wants ICE to close facilities accused of serious human rights abuses.
In a break from his hush money trial, Trump has his own ideas about what “the Radical Left Lunatics” are up to.
Local law enforcement that won't participate "won't partake in the riches," the presumptive GOP presidential nominee vaguely threatened in a new interview.
The documents obtained by HuffPost also show — again — how agents freely used an anti-immigrant slur.
George Alan Kelly was charged with second-degree murder in 2023 shooting of Gabriel Cuen-Buitimea.
Jacob Beacher, 24, was charged with damage to religious property and making fraudulent statements.
The two victims may have also been targeted because of their racial identities.
The House Democrat hit back after a GOP lawmaker offered his interpretation of how the Founding Fathers took immigration.
Millions of undocumented immigrants pay into the Social Security retirement trust fund but aren’t eligible to receive benefits.
A Biden administration program that successfully lowered unlawful border crossings has turned into the latest immigration bogeyman.