Social Justice

The Biden administration launched a mobile app for people to schedule their asylum appointments, but the New Jersey Democrat says it has glaring problems.
The Senate's top Democrats called the policy of family detention "morally reprehensible and ineffective as an immigration management tool."
The influx of sea arrivals came in the face of a crackdown by Italy’s right-wing government on people smugglers announced only two days earlier.
Authorities became suspicious when they searched the home of Charles Sutherland and found a child-sized doll.
Lawmakers condemned the president for reportedly weighing whether to reinstate the Trump-era policy he ended when he first took office.
The Oscar-winning director said antisemitism is currently "standing proud with hands on hips like Hitler and Mussolini."
The tantrum-throwing Fox News host grumbled that men in their 80s "are not strong enough."
A measure reminiscent of a Trump-era ban would make it harder for migrants to seek asylum in the U.S.
Migrants have already sued the state alleging they were flown to a small island under false pretenses.
Texas has executed an inmate convicted of killing three teenagers while they slept in a Texas Panhandle home more than 25 years ago.