Social Justice

At least a dozen others were taken to hospitals after the rig was found abandoned on the outskirts of the Texas city.
As COVID-19 spreads throughout ICE facilities nationwide, the public health crisis of the coronavirus has compromised the U.S. immigration detention system endangering medically vulnerable detained individuals and staff.
A group of men reportedly shouted anti-LGBTQ slurs during a "Drag Queen Story Hour" for young children.
"We picked out the worst cases we could think of," said Rosie Sharpe, a campaigner at Global Witness. "The ones that ought to be the easiest for Facebook to detect."
Amy Weirich touts being tough on crime, but not when it comes to police.
A South African court has convicted a pastor of plotting to overthrow the government and to kill thousands of Black people in the country.
For undocumented LGBTQ immigrants, Pride month represents an ongoing fight for intersectional freedom in the U.S.
The Korean boy band spoke at the White House about the surge in hate crimes against Asian Americans.
As climate change takes hold, extreme heat is becoming a growing problem in cities across the globe. While urban heat waves have a devastating effect on cities' populations, they also highlight grave inequalities in urban life. As global temperatures rise, our cities are facing an existential problem: How can they combat extreme heat?
"Reading their files made me uneasy. Their claim to citizenship was based on a lie. Were they 'illegal immigrants'? Did that mean I wasn’t a true American?"