Social Justice

Biden economic adviser Jared Bernstein has proposed a new way of looking at the unemployment rate that focuses on racial inequality.
They attend the same schools and have the same teachers, but some kids have started to fall behind their wealthier classmates.
Detainees at Bergen County Jail have described rat infestations, undrinkable water and a high-risk environment for spreading COVID-19.
A delay of even three weeks would mean the Census Bureau would be turning in the numbers to a new president.
The challengers said Trump’s plan would weaken the political power of states with larger numbers of illegal immigrants.
The pontiff spoke favorably about protests for racial justice, while criticizing "populist leaders" and those who rail against coronavirus restrictions.
"RuPaul's Drag Race" star Peppermint, Mila Jam and Deja Smith help reimagine Sia's "Alive" in the clip, released on Transgender Day of Remembrance.
Bridges did not finish elementary school, but she was determined for her daughter to pursue the same opportunities that her white peers received.
"Access to any successful vaccine must not become a global postcode lottery."
Critics of Prop 25 raised concerns that the bail system’s replacement could still perpetuate racial discrimination.