Social Justice

The House Democrat hit back after a GOP lawmaker offered his interpretation of how the Founding Fathers took immigration.
Millions of undocumented immigrants pay into the Social Security retirement trust fund but aren’t eligible to receive benefits.
A Biden administration program that successfully lowered unlawful border crossings has turned into the latest immigration bogeyman.
The former president claimed that he spoke to the family of Ruby Garcia, who was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico.
Trump's message appears to be resonating with key elements of the Democratic coalition that Biden will need to win over this November.
U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee said evidence presented by migrant advocacy groups appeared to support the definition of legal custody. “Are they free to leave?” she asked.
A state senator called Rep. Matthew Maddock’s social media post “dangerous.”
"Racism is real. And it happens. And it's awful," said University of Utah coach Lynne Roberts.
The federal judge in California said Elon Musk's suit was about "punishing the Defendants for their speech” and little more.
Texas has argued it has a right to take action over what Gov. Greg Abbott has described as an “invasion” of migrants on the border.