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The former president, now suspended from social media, congratulated the African country on its national Twitter ban.
Facebook now says it will ban former President Donald Trump for just two years following the Capitol riot, meaning he could return to the social media giant ahead of the 2024 election
There's a deeper reason we're all invested in celebrities like John Mulaney and Bennifer, even when we know it's kind of embarrassing to care.
Weeks after it started, ex-President Donald Trump’s blog is seeing fewer and fewer social interactions.
The only way followers can react to Trump on his blog is to click on a heart.
Big Tech needs to take more decisive action against the "Disinformation Dozen," says the group that identified them.
"Facebook essentially set up this body as a PR device," one critic said of the company's quasi-independent advisory board.
Facebook’s Oversight Board is upholding the suspension of former President Donald Trump from the platform for inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol riot … but there’s a catch.
One Twitter user noted, "This is Tumblr. Donny invented Tumblr."
The singer emphasized that women get more scrutiny on social media than men and it "can be toxic."