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Instagram, Twitter and TikTok don’t protect LGBTQ+ users from harassment, according to a new GLAAD report — and AI could make it worse.
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The viral "digital guillotine" calls for fans to block celebs who haven't expressed support for Gaza. But the outcome may be more disappointing than effective.
A medical examiner says a Massachusetts teen who participated in a spicy tortilla chip challenge died from ingesting a substance “with a high capsaicin concentration.”
The #blockout2024 hashtag has picked up steam as people are blocking celebrities who haven't publicly supported Palestine.
Lawyers and pundits had strong reactions to Judge Aileen Cannon's decision.
"It’s hard to deny the damage it can do to a relationship," a couples therapist said.
One of the suspects told a local TV station they thought "it would be cool to take a picture with a gun."
Legislators in Congress have introduced a bunch of proposals for addressing online harms, but it’s not clear if they’ll move.