Social Media

Jennifer Aniston's new social media presence will hopefully help her take control of her own narrative.
The billionaire Salesforce CEO denounced the social media company for refusing to take down fake political ads.
Is it a pro or con when your date or partner doesn't have Instagram or any other social media?
"I don’t really give a f**k because I’m getting paid money for it," says the "Game of Thrones" star in a clip that's going viral.
The platform's latest influencers are election hoaxers and conspiracy theorists.
The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin this week cautioning authorities to be aware of the social media postings.
Think twice before you use a public platform to air personal grievances that could get someone (including yourself) in trouble.
Proud dad Michael Cisneros said the two toddlers, who are best friends, saw each other on the sidewalk and immediately started running toward each other
A new report shows just how easy it is for nefarious actors to use bots, and even well-meaning journalists, to spread misinformation and propaganda.
No, Justin Bieber won’t donate $10,000 if you follow this Instagram account.
The 17-year-old Palestinian student had flown into the country to begin his freshman year at Harvard.
The "Senorita" singer implored fans to try meditation and breathing exercises in a heartfelt Instagram post.
The "Lip Sync Battle" host will save you "from her titties."
The report, authored by former Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), was commissioned in response to claims that the social media platform suppresses conservative views.
It can be really, REALLY hard to quit your ex's Instagram.
The pressure from Prime Minister Boris Johnson follows U.S. lawmakers calling for accountability from tech giants over the spread of anti-vaccine propaganda.
The social media giant said it shut down more than 200,000 accounts suspected of being part of a Chinese government influence campaign targeting the protests.