Social Media

"The Daily Show" host imagined the ex-president won't take long to deviate from posting "truths" on Truth Social.
Ex-President Donald Trump’s new social media platform doesn’t allow users to insult him.
“We can’t make all of these decisions and provide all these societal solutions on our own," said Nick Clegg, vice president of global affairs.
Most also think social media companies bear a good deal of blame for the situation. But few are very concerned that they themselves might be responsible.
WhatsApp has monopolized communications in Brazil, India and across the Global South. When it goes down, everything grinds to a halt.
Frances Haugen’s claims are backed by tens of thousands of pages of internal research from the social networking giant.
The singer praised fans for their "constant resilience in freeing me from my conservatorship."
The ex-manager will urge Congress to regulate the firm, coming forward despite the tech giant having “infinite resources, which it could use to destroy me.”
The services were down for around six hours on Monday, marking one of Facebook's longest outages.
The effort, called Project Amplify, would be a dramatic shift in policy for the social media giant, which had taken to apologizing publicly for any untoward content.