Software Development

Software development fashions Effectiveness, Productivity and Quality Have you heard of "evidence-based medicine?" It's a
But I do not think so. I once worked with a product manager (let's call him Sam to protect his real identity) who took a
Humble Everyone enjoys hearing "Nice job!" once in awhile, including you. But you do not live for praise or seek glory for
A mentor can be a fantastic resource -- if you can find one. Companies would do well to offer this kind of support to their
If you hear this phrase regularly from executive sponsors or team leads, you may feel like throwing up your hands and quitting
You know the power of a product plan Product managers are the ones setting the course and adjusting the sails. When your
Acknowledge poor decisions You may not want to admit that you made a bad decision, especially if you lobbied hard for it
You see, the startup's free mobile application is quickly being adopted. Which is great news. But the founders are barely
Leading-edge companies recognize the danger in avoiding new things out of fear of the unfamiliar. They embrace tireless iteration
I love micromanagers. Now, you are probably thinking, "Are you for real?" It is true. Micromanagers are heroes in my world. It's ok if you consider me crazy. I know what you have been told. But they deserve a lot more love than they currently get.