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It doesn't have a domain name, it's just hosted at some obscure university in the UK midlands. The last "news" is from 2011
What is the biggest threat to your career and product team? You might say cash flow, lagging sales, or finding qualified
What degree do you think most product managers have? I will bet that you did not answer "B.A. in environmental science." But
Only you can set audacious goals for yourself. Only you can follow your curiosity and see where it leads. And only you can
Take it at face value People usually do not start off the day by asking, "Hmm... whose dreams will I crush today?" That knee
The most successful leaders function with a healthy dose of forward-thinking optimism and down-to-earth realism. They look
So what is stopping you and everyone else from telling that elephant to take a hike? Okay, so you may not have an actual
The opportunity to build a great product and company does not bubble up every day. And if you are careless -- it will dry
Stay invested Managers with a "no" mindset are quick to poke holes without acknowledging merit. But hastily rejecting a fledgling
I love micromanagers. Now, you are probably thinking, "Are you for real?" It is true. Micromanagers are heroes in my world. It's ok if you consider me crazy. I know what you have been told. But they deserve a lot more love than they currently get.
Today, companies exist such as Datawire which allow you to ship features to clients or others as microservices. In doing
Take action Rather than exchanging business cards and promising to meet at some vague time "in the future," set a date instead
Giving feedback is tough, but necessary. But unfortunately, too many people wimp out when it's time to provide their perspective
There is no shortcut to becoming a successful product manager. Like any major accomplishment, it takes time and practice
How many times do people "ping" you at work each day? For product managers, the answer is probably something like: "Oh, I've stopped counting." Feedback comes in from so many different channels -- internally and externally -- that those pings can start to feel like a series of jabs.
How video games affect the human brain is always up for debate. Every few years, a study comes around that trumpets the supposed detrimental effect they have -- followed by a separate study that refutes those findings.
What is fleet management software? Customized Software, also known as bespoke or tailor-made software, is a computer program
So, you just built an awesome roadmap. Congrats. Customers are going to love it because you prioritized what many of them were asking for. You did a fine job working with the sales team to make sure they were aligned with the product's direction. And engineering was standing tall right by your side in full agreement.
A great product roadmap starts with a clear product vision and a canvas explaining customer and market forces that will shape the product's direction. Historically, roadmaps were built using tools like Excel and Powerpoint.
Q: Where do you see the future of online product building? Where does BuildRX fit into that? The tools available to developers