Southwest Airlines

The flight, a Boeing 737-800 aircraft, was on its way to Houston when the mechanical issue occurred.
The rowdy incident happened on a flight from Oakland, California, to Kauai, Hawaii.
Christmas morning put a bow on a relatively smooth weekend for air travel.
The fine is 30 times larger than the previous record penalty from the Transportation Department.
The man appeared to be having a mental health emergency and was incoherent and not fully aware of his surroundings, authorities said.
No one was injured after two planes were cleared to use the same runway on Saturday morning.
"You obviously don't respect yourself, so why should we?"
The lawsuit claims Southwest shareholders "suffered significant losses" because the airline hid the risks of its outdated technology.
Southwest Airlines is now turning its attention to repairing its damaged reputation after it canceled 15,000 flights around Christmas and left holiday travelers stranded.
Gary Kelly steered Southwest away from its founding "culture and principles," the union's vice president wrote in a scathing letter.