Internal emails expose how NASA scientists missed what they called the "largest asteroid" to "pass this close to Earth in the last century."
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has already declared a state of emergency throughout the state to give officials and residents time to prepare.
The metal mass is five times bigger than the Big Island of Hawaii.
Binary asteroid system 1999 KW4 poses no threat of collision with our planet, scientists say.
The first-ever photo of a black hole had a strong gravitational pull toward comedy.
For two years, scientists from a global network of telescopes have been attempting to capture the image.
The new order is separate from the president's much touted goal of creating a "Space Force."
The image, captured by astronauts orbiting the moon 50 years ago, forced us to come to terms with Earth's fragility — and the importance of protecting the environment.
Central Michigan University geology professor Mona Sirbescu said that she knew "within seconds" that the rock was special.
The dwarf planet is new evidence of the long-sought Planet X.
The Perseid Meteor Shower offered remarkable views this weekend when it lit up a moonless sky. Don’t worry ― you still have a chance to check it out! The shower doesn’t end until August 24.
Meanwhile, MSNBC broadcaster Katy Tur already has a "Space Force" theme song.
Have you got what it takes to fight wars in space?
Blood moons have inspired both awe and fear throughout the centuries.