Space Program

From swamp to space Uncertainty over NASA’s future mixed badly with anxiety already brewing over the end of the 30-year space
In 2009 and 2010, the Obama administration orchestrated a major shift for NASA’s human spaceflight program.
From 2005 through 2009, the space agency strove to recapture the glory of the space race -- with less than half the funding.
It is estimated that 45 million immigrants will reside in the United States by 2017. The number can appear daunting. As an
The East Block has guided tours between July and early September. It was the nerve centre of Canada's government during its
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It will be able to detect and receive signals from outer space and help search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
At age 56, I get to be a rock star. In an athletic setting. Surrounded by some of the fittest and most motivated people I have ever met. All I have to do is keep showing up and let them watch me go at CrossFit with complete abandon. I have a new set of friends and admirers.
The mysterious, mostly disappeared world of LIFE magazine is all still there: Staffers hacking at typewriters, beefing about the managing editor, draining double Scotches and martinis before lunch. At least in my mind it's still there.
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When someone says the word "bravery" out loud it sounds like it's from a book on noblemen or knights. I can almost hear the clank of sword on shield. Call it medieval if you want, but I believe in trying to be brave.
In polls the American public has shown pride in the country's accomplishments in space exploration, along with concern about the costs involved. A review of public attitudes about the space program, from the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research archives.
Just over a half-century ago, during another time of American insecurity and fear, of things both real and imagined, John F. Kennedy used his legendary but abbreviated presidency to try to chart a course to a more assured future.
It's the most extraordinary image ever of Europa. The color variations across the cracked surface indicate the surface geology
I've seen the future. It looks like a microwave oven, but inside, a small robot arm is zipping away, making things. As I watched this working three-D printer on display at the main in BHV department store in Paris, I remembered seeing my first fax machine in the 1980s.
If you're the sort of person who worries about asteroids, a new map from NASA's Near Earth Object Program is unlikely to
Total program costs and budget line are likewise classified. The X-37B, a 29-foot-long (9-meter) winged craft that resembles
Going into space is not really a scientific endeavor at all. It may be done for any or all of political, commercial, sociological -- even spiritual -- purposes, but it isn't too much about science. We need to separate our thinking here.
So while we're reminiscing about the glory days of the U.S. space program, remember the women who were left behind -- that giant step should have been for womankind too.
Hartsfield's second shuttle mission assignment came two years later as the commander Discovery's first flight, but the STS