Holiday Impact

Support Causes Using Clicks You’re probably more concerned about holding a cocktail than your crush when midnight hits on
But foundations are currently the fastest growing source of gifts, a fact experts urge nonprofits to keep in mind. The figures
While the number of homeless families in the U.S. dropped by 5 percent since last year, according to the Department of Housing
Spreading holiday cheer means more than giving gifts -- it's also about giving back. Chronically Ill Mom Forced To Choose
But in the nonprofit’s version of the ad, Enfield concludes his walk by putting on a classic holiday sweater and grabbing
“It’s hard to stretch myself out and give everybody the attention that is needed," Juarez told HuffPost over the phone. "I
But mesmerized onlookers aren’t just treated to a dazzling show. Lambert has dedicated his display to the Wounded Warrior
Skip catalogue chic decor and consider buying your basic BFF a Prosperity Candle fashioned from a real coconut and polished
Dahlia, who currently doesn't have a job and receives disability and food stamps, said she's not sure where she and her son
Boy, 10: Dear Santa, My name is David. My favorite sport is basketball. I like the color blue. ... What I would like for
Emily Burlingame told NECN that she found out about the random acts of kindness when she went to pay her layaway balance
After learning she had breast cancer in September 2013, Annie underwent four months of chemotherapy and four weeks of radiation
When Angela Crangle was growing up in Tennessee, she didn't wake to find a wealth of gifts under the Christmas tree each
For Your Special Snowflakes That Can't Be Categorized For Your Humane Furry Friends Updated on Dec. 10, 2014; 12:00 p.m. EST
Officially launched as a nonprofit in 2006, There Really Is a Santa recorded its biggest holiday season last year, helping
Lisa said she has raised just over $300 but still has a long way to go before she can buy a car and "become stable again
Here are the top five most effective things you can do for your hospitalized friend and their families during the holidays, plus 19 quick and easy ways to bring Christmas cheer and holiday fun.
Necklaces Supporting Homeless Women Candle Helping Refugee Women In The U.S. This gold Prosperity Candle from the brand's
Scroll below to see photos from the 13th annual toy run in Fresno from 2011. You can support the Poverello House here. CNBC