Holiday Impact

Raise Some Money While You Raise Your Heart Rate You probably don’t stand a chance against the snooze button without a cup
However, on Giving Tuesday -- the charitable daylong event that follows Cyber Monday -- donors came out in droves. They gave
She kept in close touch with her caseworker at the Department of Homeless Services and was vigilant about filing her paperwork
Nurse Has Helped Thousands Of Homeless Pregnant Women Rebuild Their Lives Chronically Ill Mom Forced To Choose Between Medicine
'Tis the season to give -- and wear pants, might we add. Brrr. It asked adults to give 2 pounds (about $3) and for children
This story is part of series called 12 Days Of Giving. Huffington Post Impact, Religion and Parents have teamed up to feature
Since adding a charitable component to his annual displays in 2008, Lambert has collected more than $23,000 for a number
SoulCycle may be the #basic religion, but your friend will be happy to forgo getting a class pack this holiday season if
With an empty kitchen and nowhere to turn, Dahlia said she called nonprofit God's Love We Deliver out of desperation. Now
Boy, 11: Dear Santa, My name is Amani. I am 11. My favorite subject in school is gym. Also my favorite color is blue. For
Employees at the Toys R Us in Bellingham, about 40 miles southwest of Boston, told The Milford Daily News that the woman
Jabarin, 37, told The Huffington Post she could not be happier with the results. "Thank God things went great," she said
"We’ve been living from pillar to post for so long," Annie said. "We haven’t lived anywhere long enough to have traditions
Crangle, 44, now lives in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, with her own family: a husband and four kids. While they too face money troubles
For Beautiful Bodies Of All Types For The Granola Group For Benevolent Beauties For Your Humane Furry Friends Updated on
The nonprofit selects children in need from letters that arrive at the Old Chicago Main Post Office, and then takes care
When Thanksgiving rolled around this year, Lisa, 32, did not have the pots and pans in which to cook a meal. Instead, the
Here are the top five most effective things you can do for your hospitalized friend and their families during the holidays, plus 19 quick and easy ways to bring Christmas cheer and holiday fun.
Tote Bag That Fights Breast Cancer You can "show off the fact that you totes check your boobs" and support breast cancer
Photo: RJ Wilson, Rodney Cabrera/ Photo: RJ Wilson, Rodney Cabrera/ A Reddit post capturing