Urban Progress

Kensington Park Gardens, Notting Hill, around 1900. Again, much of what makes this street special is no longer legal. Software
After reading The Well-Tempered City, and speaking at length with Rose, I emerged with excitement and optimism, because with
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The city gate of old in Acaya, Italy: form follows function Images composed by the author in Acaya, Puglia, Italy, and Seattle
So this is not yet another diatribe about Northern California and its devolution to accommodate the tech-tainted nouveau
The participation of diverse voices in city decision-making processes is critical to successful urban change. By diverse
My own journey towards social entrepreneurship truly began when I embarked on my first international project in Ghana. We
According to Ashali Bhandari, another victim of the increased land pressure in India has been the recycling hubs in Bangalore
There is an entire group of people in this city who are being left out of the decision making process. If we want to thrive, young people need to be apart of the conversation and apart of the decisions. We need to be talked to, not talked at. The future of our city, Newark depends on it.
In my mind, this is a clear and powerful articulation of the elements critical to enabling cities to deal with our society's most intractable problems by thinking outside of the box.