A complaint from the Swedish streaming service five years ago triggered the investigation that led to the 1.8 billion-euro ($1.95 billion) fine.
The music streaming service hopes the cuts, which amount to about 1,500 people, will help it become profitable.
The singer cooked the streaming service using its own platform.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have "mutually agreed" to part ways with the streaming service.
Ek, who co-founded the streaming giant, also acknowledged that he's "very familiar" with the "scary parts" of artificial intelligence.
The Duchess of Sussex told listeners that the podcast has been "liberating and healing."
“It’s up to his label, if they want to take action or not," CEO Daniel Ek said.
The Duchess of Sussex added that she was an "ugly duckling" in her early years.
The reality TV star offered some tidbits about the first season of "The System."