Starting A Job

2014-11-17-20141115thumbnail7asmall.jpgIn this last episode of Go-Go Boy Interrupted, Danny reflects on 12 years of partying in L.A. with nothing to show for it. Now he is jobless, friendless, and, worst of all, not in his 20s anymore. What he does next will surprise you.
Unless you've been living in a cave, you've most likely heard of the cosmic event called, Mercury Retrograde. Well, get ready to buckle up your seat belt and strap yourself in because this event will happen again from June 7 to July 1.
Taking It To The Next Level "I hope that at the very least Yogella will be able to help one person every day," Nurse said
As today's students face rising costs for higher education and interest rate changes, the alternative payment plan could
"It hasn’t even begun to make up for the cuts public education saw during the recession and recovery," said Katherine Gallagher
The U.S. economy added 148,000 jobs in September, as the unemployment rate ticked down to 7.2 percent, the Bureau of Labor
2. Contribute your knowledge to become known as an expert in your field. Participate in LinkedIn's groups that deal with
Nobody asked us, "When you grow up, how do you want to support yourself until you finally manage to find a job that utilizes your degrees, personal skill sets, and passions?" They asked us what we wanted to be.
3. They exercise. Steve Cooper, editor-in-chief of Hitched Magazine, says he runs during his lunch break every day. "The
But wanted to consider the question "with an open mind." They looked at lifestyle and economic criteria like
If you speak to any motivational speaker or self-help guru, they will tell you that self-worth -- knowing that you matter -- must come before you can truly care for anything else in life. Not surprisingly, this equally applies to the workplace.
Americans are good at many things, but relaxing generally isn't one of them. Many of us use only a fraction of our earned time off.
It only takes two weeks for you to hone a Robin Williams-perfect impression of your boss, but it only takes one more week
Marissa Mayer Deloitte Consulting CEO Jim Moffatt told Forbes that vacations are not only essential to his own productivity
“These states are leaders in safeguarding LGBTs against discrimination in the workplace -- by passing gay rights ordinances
Pro-tip to millennials: You might want to leave your parents at home when you show up for a job interview.
And they’re taking all the help they can get. About 13 percent of recent college graduates said they got a job through a
First came the 1987 stock market crash when employment on Wall Street took a dive. Then when the new bull market that took
A well-crafted departure fuels positive memories, both in your own mind and in the minds of former colleagues.