The first World Data Forum was clearly dominated by one main topic: the implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda
5) More work is needed to understand the definition of bullying. As part of the 2015 collection of the School Crime Supplement
To control this variability, polling firms may use stratification - a process that attempts to weight the polls to match
Figure 1: Shifts in the understanding of capacity development (examples) Let's look at one example of how capacity development
While there is little argument about basic principles of statistics and research design, things do get a bit dicey in the real world.
How will data science change in the next five years? In answering this question, I'm going to focus less on what I expect
More questions: Data Science: What are the best R (and data science) blogs to follow on a regular basis? R (programming language
I'm typically not in the business of building models, but I use linear models all the time when trying to create visualizations
With the adoption of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals by Heads of States last fall in New York, the urgent practical question is how to finance the data needs of such an ambitious and universal agenda.
One of our clients, a leader in the financial services industry asked us to create a compelling, full-length report on their small business economic development program. Sounds relatively straightforward, right? Here was the challenge: we were confronted with a massive amount of data that only an economist could love.
Though festival season is not completely over, it is beginning to wind down and hardcore festival-goers are already in the
From the articles on every wedding website and app in existence to all of the "experts" that surround a couple the minute after the proposal, there is an onslaught of confusing and incorrect information out there being given to couples.
As enrollment in publicly funded preschool grows, many policymakers are asking, "Does publicly funded preschool work?" This question seems sensible: preschool programs, especially high quality ones, do not come cheap.
HuffPost's business team takes a deep dive into all the statistics you need to know about the presumptive GOP nominee.
We humans invented numbers and mathematics to understand our world (initially physical and later social), and to improve our lives. But to make good use of that powerful, valuable gift from our forbearers, we need to remember that numbers are there to serve us, not the other way round. Numbers are just tools. We are the ones with the capacity to make decisions.
Demographics This second graph shows a telling trend - the number of students borrowing has dramatically decreased by 10