Stephen Hawking

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also got a very tongue-in-cheek tribute at the annual street art event in southwest England.
Stephen Hawking’s most prized possessions, like his wheelchair, doctoral thesis and “The Simpsons” script are up for auction.
Fans of the late physicist can bid on his items online between Oct. 31 and Nov. 8.
After the memorial service, his voice was set to be beamed into space.
“It is a message of peace and hope, about unity and the need for us to live together in harmony on this planet.”
The new treatise on the existence of parallel universes was published on Friday.
Interment inside Westminster Abbey is a rarely bestowed honor.
Actress Gal Gadot is being criticized as ableist by people with disabilities and their advocates for her comments suggesting Stephen Hawking was limited by his wheelchair and motor neurone disease.
Several disability rights advocates called it ableist.