Student Loans

The education secretary said this will be the "final extension."
The payments are set to resume at the end of September unless the White House acts.
The Biden administration is approving 18,000 loan forgiveness claims from former students of ITT Technical Institute.
The president "is moving in our direction" after previously saying he would forgive only up to $10,000 per borrower, the top Senate Democrat told HuffPost.
The Biden administration picked Richard Cordray, who previously led the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to oversee a student loan portfolio of more than $1 trillion.
Advocates want Joe Biden and Miguel Cardona to oust Mark Brown, the head of the Federal Student Aid office.
The White House is “reviewing” what the president can do unilaterally as progressives step up their lobbying.
Cancelling student loans would certainly make a lot of borrowers happy. What other effects would it have?
The executive order pertaining to federal loans is one of many actions the president planned to take immediately following his inauguration.