Sustainable Investing

"It's a subtle, but powerful, way to move shareholders away from voting a party line toward a more refined focus on construction
The fact of the matter is that we can close the gender gap, and we can close it by becoming more conscientious investors
There are business reasons, as well as moral ones, to assure that women and men have equal opportunities to contribute in the workplace. And at Pax World that's something we think has value for investors as well.
That fact is, most financial professionals, and much of the business press, are simply not well acquainted with sustainability analysis. As a result, many financial professionals lack a solid grasp of what sustainability factors are and how they are material to a company's performance.
As investors, we have more power than we realize. We can prod and pressure and cajole companies into doing the right thing. Unfortunately, too many of us fail to leverage this power.
There's a good reason that no bestselling novels or blockbuster movies about corporate governance exist. It's because doing corporate governance right is frankly boring.
Instead of blue M&Ms and champagne, Johnson demands LED bulbs and bike valets.
This very real phenomenon of rising rents and house prices hits many ordinary families deeply in the pocket at a time when
The conventional wisdom is that investing in climate change is good for the planet but not good for your wallet. Many believe that the only way the $13.5 trillion in investments will happen is if investors are willing to take little to no return. That conventional wisdom is wrong.
The global challenges for the 2015-2030 development agenda are massive, the global potential market size for SRI funds is
A top advisor to big investors says the U.S. needs to tax carbon emissions.
Aspiration is looking at companies that are thinking about the community at large.
"It's just not enough to only be 'less bad,' but it is essential to be 'actively good.'"
Why do companies with gender diverse boards perform better? As the portfolio manager of a strategy which seeks to benefit