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Technology has revolutionized our day-to-day lives, but it's overuse can have serious repercussions
[Photo by Daryl Deino] With the brightness set at 70 to 80 percent at different times, I was able to stream back to back
Answer by Trausti Thor Johannsson, Developer and tech nerd, on Quora: For me, the whole introduction was all about creativity
ASUS ZenPad Z8 - ASUS has been my computer maker of choice for the past six years so I wasn't surprised I fell in love with
The AAP and joint executive agency statements rely heavily on a framework that our colleague Lisa Guernsey at New America
More Information: As a parent and someone who reviews a lot of tech toys, I am constantly hearing about screen time. How
But the key element is immersion. I can lose myself more readily in a well-written book when it's spread open in front of
We often get mired in questions of whether media use is OK for children, long after family patterns and habits have been established. At some point, it makes sense to shift focus and resources to how to make media beneficial for young people.
These set-top boxes represent "closed" technology, using proprietary protocols for security, authorization, and access to
This tablet provides a simplified menu of big colorful icons and large text, to only essential features, giving your mom
When I was twelve years old and immersed in Alister MacLean, my father bemoaned the decline of reading ethics. "At your age
Hackers: How did you manage to write Design for Hackers in only 6 months? Opportunities: What opportunities did you get as
There's nothing more exciting than an overseas trip, but that exhilaration shouldn't come with an unexpected price tag. Believe it or not, small expenses can grow fast and in unexpected ways.
Suppose we could stop looking over our shoulders, worrying that we're developing for devices destined for obsolescence before we're finished. Ideally, we'd then be able to focus on creative content, and audience-friendly delivery platforms that support discovery and sharing.
For some, their electronics are more intimate companions than those flesh and blood beings with whom they share their lives. Smart phones, tablets, laptops and Kindles are cuddled closer to bodies than human loved ones.
I have nothing against hard copy coloring books, as I do own quite a few and often spend a nice morning opening my day coloring
It's created an exciting market of cool and functional products that is constantly offering new ways to manage, store and
Tablet sales are down and have been steadily declining for the last few years. While this has implications for tech companies and investors, it also has a solid benefit for travelers: fewer tourists using their tablets as cameras.
So how could this new technology save you money? You've likely seen smartphone apps that help you track how much you eat