Taco Bell

The fast food chain said it realized there was an issue with its seasoned beef when a customer reported finding a metal shaving in food.
Shannon Gridley said the treatment she and her dinner guests faced at a Louisville Taco Bell was "dehumanizing."
"Definitely NACHO problem," one citizen told the police in Slidell after the report of a taco shell shortage.
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It’s easier than you think and a lot healthier than the fast-food version.
“Taco Bell Fire Sauce saves lives," Jeremy Taylor said after he and his dog were rescued from their SUV.
Even Martha Stewart reaches for a Kraft Singles every once in a while.
Willie McCoy had been asleep in his car seconds before the shooting.
The fast food chain has been attempting to be a healthier option over the years.
The bishop joked with the singer following her powerhouse performance of one of Franklin's classics.
“I want to do something a little different,” the 33-year-old mom said.
The "Devil Went Down To Georgia" singer has a warning for the fast-food company.
Let's give 'em something to taco 'bout 🌮🌮🌮