Taco Bell

Both artists have sung the praises of the long-departed fast food item, and they plan to celebrate its return in a most tuneful way.
The “Say So” singer warned fans that if they saw a TikTok of her rapping about Mexican pizza, it was “contractual.” Then she posted the “bad” song.
“I knew that would be the reaction and I didn’t care,” the "Late Show" host said.
The announcer was working the Celtics-Knicks game when he decided to think outside the bun.
The "Wonder Woman 1984" star also sampled eggnog and Ho Hos while introducing Jimmy Fallon to gefilte fish on "The Tonight Show."
Yum! Brands's Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer James Fripp explains how corporate inclusion has the capacity for global impact.
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Ryan Bishop said he avoided injury or worse because his usually open car window was closed: "I didn’t want pieces of the taco flying around.”
The fast food chain said it realized there was an issue with its seasoned beef when a customer reported finding a metal shaving in food.
Shannon Gridley said the treatment she and her dinner guests faced at a Louisville Taco Bell was "dehumanizing."
"Definitely NACHO problem," one citizen told the police in Slidell after the report of a taco shell shortage.