Talk Nerdy To Me

HuffPost Senior Science Correspondent Cara Santa Maria sits down with Paul Haun and David Riherd of the Wildlife Learning Center to explore facts and debunk myths about different animals.
The targeted approach focuses on sending electrical jolts to the nervous system.
Scientists have seen small-scale successes with targeted therapeutics, and that could mean something big in the long run.
A promising new cancer treatment could be found in your very own body.
The solution for declining bee populations may be in the wild.
There's been a lot of buzz in the news that bees are dying off in huge numbers. They are--but not in the wild. Karah Preiss spoke with Cornell University's Thomas Seeley, a "bee hunter" who has figured out a solution for saving our little pollinator friends and, therefore, our modern food system.
Scientists confirmed what Einstein had predicted 100 years ago and what once was thought impossible — the existence of gravitational waves. For this week's Talk Nerdy To Me, Karah Preiss spoke to the researchers behind the discovery and what this means for understanding (and listening to) the Universe.