Tech Innovations

Daisy Ozim Daisy Ozim has a background in community organizing and public policy. After she was introduced to blockchain
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Three Square Market is giving its employees the chance to be microchipped. The Wisonsin company even held a “chip party” to implant their employees with the RFID microchips, which can be used to access computers, purchase food and use copy machines at the office.
The feature that sets Venmo apart is the social feed, which brings transparency to a class of transactions that used to be entirely private.
The Hyperloop would transport travelers in underground pods at speeds up to 700 mph. According to a tweet from Elon Musk, he's received "verbal" government approval to build it, but there will still likely be challenges ahead.
Users also compared it to a "electric marshmallow."
Is Google preparing students to depend on its products to think for them?
You may be tempted to compare Clips, Apple’s new mobile video app, to Snapchat and Instagram. When it appears in the App
”It is technology, more than science, which ignites growth.”
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3-D Television Even the combined might of an entire industry isn’t always enough to make consumers embrace the next big thing