As autonomous vehicles enter the uncanny valley, experts are asking whether more cars are what cities really need.
After Hurricane María plunged Vieques into darkness, Tesla's arrival heralded the dawn of a microgrid future. But it wasn't that easy.
Musk is now required to get prior approval from Tesla’s legal counsel for public statements, including tweets, about the company’s finances and other topics.
“Look at the work that Elon’s companies do and focus on that," Gwynne Shotwell said.
The CEO's statement comes after his bizarre tweets earlier this month.
The short-tempered CEO is at the center of a federal investigation over a single tweet.
Sources say Elon Musk can't decide what the roof tiles should look like.
The Tesla CEO made a lot of money Tuesday -- and may have committed securities fraud.
Musk said he lashed out after rescuer Vernon Unsworth made suggestions he didn't like during a TV interview.
British diver Vern Unsworth had mocked the Tesla CEO's efforts to help as "just a PR stunt."
Bystanders flagged down director Michael Morris to tell him about the flames.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that it's amazing the driver wasn't more seriously injured.
It's not yet known if the autopilot was engaged. The car's driver suffered a broken ankle.
Elon Musk vows to give gas-powered cars a "hardcore smackdown."
The company is making quick work of its promise to help restore power to the hurricane-ravaged island.
Tech companies are stepping up to provide relief for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands