Opponents said it would betray conservative principles by setting a government policy that interferes with the automobile market.
The crashed Model S was among nearly 363,000 vehicles Tesla has recalled due to potential flaws in its “Full Self-Driving” system.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the auto manufacturer is doing the recall but does not agree with an agency analysis of the problem.
"He intentionally tried to kill us," the man's wife allegedly told paramedics after miraculously surviving the 250-foot drop.
Tesla's advice about Autopilot cars and the company's videos appear to give very different messages.
The social media platform's CEO adopts an attorney's mistake referring to him as "Mr. Tweet" as his Twitter handle. Now he claims he's stuck with it.
Musk has concluded his testimony in a federal trial over a lawsuit that alleges he misled Tesla shareholders with a tweet about an aborted buyout.
Elon Musk returned to federal court in San Francisco to testify in a class action lawsuit filed by Tesla investors alleging he misled them with a 2018 tweet.
Musk claimed in a August 2018 tweet that he had lined up the financing to pay for a $72 billion buyout of Tesla, which never materialized.
The sharp price cuts sent Tesla shares down nearly 4% in midday trading Friday.