The B Team

I come from a family of slightly above average military participation. Both of my grandfathers (and other members of my extended family) served during World War II. Military service has always been in my blood.
This Panama Papers leak has revealed a massive web of illicit and unethical behavior by some of the world's richest and most powerful people. The importance of corporate transparency has never been clearer. We believe that making company ownership transparent is critical to tackling corruption, and that there is a strong business case for doing so.
The year of 2015 has been heralded as setting out a new roadmap for 'sustainable development' with both the SDGs and COP21 having delivered more clarity than we have had for a long time on the biggest challenges of our times.
There must be a call to action for public policy makers. It is public policy that requires companies to produce annual accounts, and public policy that dictates that the content of these accounts is what is relevant to investors.
The Divestment movement has been emboldened to go further and become more radical post Paris. And, as can be seen from the Too weak, too late opinion compendium, the failures of COP to include justice issues has strengthened the resolve of the climate justice movement.
Very different actors inhabit the worlds of the current policy landscape and this emerging vision of a new system. Some bridge both worlds -- but too few.
Currently, opaque and poorly regulated beneficial ownership entities are used to launder money, finance terrorism, evade taxes and corrupt governments. In order for legitimate businesses to avoid involvement in these elements, the rules governing beneficial ownership need to be in place globally.
We now need to use the benefits of hindsight to design a new climate regime that is grounded in human rights and informed by science so that it stands the test of time. We must uphold the dignity of the men and women on the front lines of climate change by insisting there are no inevitable victims.