The Financial Fix

Write down how much you typically spend in a given month. If you currently do not track all of your expenditures, write down how much you spent last month. Please include all expenses i.e. rent, tithing, gifts, food, charitable donations, etc.
Efforts like this should be supported if we are going to tackle issues instead of sidestep them as passing on to the next
If you have an old 401K just sitting with an old employer, you are probably missing out on some very valuable gains. AT the end of the day, it's all a matter of dollars and sense.
We've all heard the adage "when the going gets tough, the tough get going." And we've most likely seen it in action: people
People are generally classified as expenses on the income statement and liabilities on the balance sheet -- not as an investable asset. Thus, when CEOs seek to increase profit, they cut costs -- like people -- rather than investing in assets -- like people -- that can appreciate.
Finance experts say regulators will never be able to resolve failing international firms like Lehman in the kind of orderly
WASHINGTON (By Dave Clarke) - America's big international banks should restructure their operations unless they can prove
"The government ensure that all Americans have access to quality housing that they can afford," the administration
In 2009 the agency stripped some rating references from regulations, saying it was concerned about undue reliance on the
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. voted Monday to advance the rule, which builds on more general requirements in last year's
Yet while policy makers unanimously agreed that Citigroup needed additional help -- this was after the megabank had already
"Also, there's a long chain of causation you have to walk through to make that story stick," Blyth added. Independent federal
In November, the agency sued former executives and directors of Heritage Community Bank of Illinois. When the bank failed
A generally respected commander in the Iraq war and now in Afghanistan, General Petraeus enjoys the favor of both Republican
Some younger readers might need a refresher course in the workings of a thing called the Soviet Union. Republican apologists for Wall Street are doing their best to provide one.
Frustrated in part by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission's chairman, Phil Angelides, and the tenor of the panel's preliminary
State officials across the country--who have been pursuing probes looking into wrongdoing within the foreclosure process
Barclays Capital could not be reached for comment. McGuire estimates that U.S. banks can cut their equity needs by $10 billion
Global financial markets were not moved by the outcome of the G20 summit as it offered few concrete measures to change economic
(Reporting by Maria Aspan, editing by Gerald E. McCormick) The "Volcker rule" provision of the U.S. Dodd-Frank financial