The Financial Fix

Write down how much you typically spend in a given month. If you currently do not track all of your expenditures, write down how much you spent last month. Please include all expenses i.e. rent, tithing, gifts, food, charitable donations, etc.
As you could think, in this political environment such prudent advice has been met with inaction. I strongly believe that
If you have an old 401K just sitting with an old employer, you are probably missing out on some very valuable gains. AT the end of the day, it's all a matter of dollars and sense.
We've all heard the adage "when the going gets tough, the tough get going." And we've most likely seen it in action: people
People are generally classified as expenses on the income statement and liabilities on the balance sheet -- not as an investable asset. Thus, when CEOs seek to increase profit, they cut costs -- like people -- rather than investing in assets -- like people -- that can appreciate.
"We need a cross-border resolution authority, but we're not going to get one," said Simon Johnson, a former chief economist
Bair is now in the final months of her five-year term heading the FDIC, which she led during the tumult of the financial
"The administration is still not thinking of ways to incent proper behavior," Rosner said. He added that the tax code could
Industry advocates favor this approach, and say it bolsters investor confidence. The Dodd-Frank financial law, however, changes
Payment of bonuses makes more sense if a large chunk is spread over several years in a way that reduces the amount executives