The Future

The drone course in Burlington, Vermont is the first of its kind in the U.S.
After delivering his message, Bryant Johnson was charged with public intoxication.
In ten years this will be more more streamlined. A learner of any age should be able to direct their learning to specific
Liberals should celebrate their contributions not bemoan their fate - for Americans need to be reminded of what liberalism
Everything you think is black and white isn't. Every Jafar is just Aladdin through a different lens. Every problem in each
I teach Gender Studies, and there’s never a shortage of material. It turns out life is a Gender Studies course, and we’re
Much of the practice of scenarios has taken place behind closed doors-resulting in confidential analyses that have guided
Blockchain is essentially a continuously growing record or ledger of digital events that is shared among many different parties. It can only be updated by a consensus of the majority of the participants in the system and cannot be altered or erased once entered.
If every app creator had to also manufacture a phone, nothing would ever get done. If every website had to raise millions
However, do not discount challenges and hardship. It is only through engaging hardship that virtue takes form and root. It
The smaller the area of a disk needed to store a piece of information, the more information can be stored in a given space
How will e-commerce change in the next 5 years? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling
Scientists can identify people with 100 percent accuracy using only brain waves, a new study shows.
Answer by David Barber, machine learning researcher: AI, bayesian reasoning, deep learning, on Quora. Even in the developed
The 2016 electorate was a bunch of morons -- I love uneducated people! I told them what they wanted to hear. The media were idiots, giving me free coverage as the greatest entertainer to run for office, better than Reagan.
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