The Infection Loop

"When a disease occurs in a new area, we need to be quick to recognize and respond," Beard says. "The most important thing
However, no sooner had the realization been made than federal funding cuts began to threaten U.S. efforts to predict and
In the study, published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Shaman and his colleague, Marc Lipsitch
Pavlin said he was not surprised by the results of the Smith study. "My research has shown that there are myriad species
When the CDC first started dealing with animal imports and exports, they were focused on people transporting their personal
Perhaps it's unfortunate then that the source of the recent film's fictitious but realistic MEV-1 virus -- which killed hundreds
Some communities are enlisting high-tech solutions such as DNA testing or video surveillance to track culprit dogs and their
"A turkey farmer's number one priority is to ensure the health and well-being of their flocks," noted Sherrie Rosenblatt
A week or so later, Poinar experienced a severe bout of fever and chills. He struggled to hold a cup of tea steady. "I really
If the Kawakasi agent does, in fact, traverse great distances by wind, it would be the first known human infectious disease
And choosing local and organic options, even going vegan, isn't enough to guarantee safety. Between 1998 and 2007, produce
I'm excited to announce the launch of HuffPost reporter Lynne Peeples' series, The Infection Loop, which, along the lines of the growing movement "One Health," will examine the link between humans, animals, and the environment.
Indeed, the public health system usually only springs into action after illnesses emerge. Around the time the West Nile virus
“Just because it is used in feed doesn’t mean it is used subtherapeutically,” Richard Carnevale, vice president for regulatory
Dengue fever is on the rise around the world. As traditional folk dancers teach prevention in India, hospitals in the Philippines
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also puts the issue "among its top concerns." And in June, a U.S. Department
"We have a tremendous fascination with disease emergence," he said. "It's like out of a science fiction movie: A new beastly
Certain developing countries, such as Bangladesh and Mozambique, already know to expect the unwelcome visitor almost every