The New Carnegies

Hsieh has developed "10 tracks" aimed at rejuvenating the downtown area, ranging from affordable housing to education to
Remembering their first meeting, Berk said Skoll told him he thought Participant might one day have a bigger impact than
In 2005, Ibrahim sold Celtel to MTC Kuwait for $3.4 billion. In an interview earlier this year, he described in Celtel his
The battle over America's classrooms -- featuring broom-wielding reformers pitted against long-powerful teacher's unions -- has created a firestorm of debate around the question of how best to educate students and prepare them for the 21st Century. Sitting on the sidelines of this battle -- however quietly, for now -- is a man named Sal Khan. A one-time hedge fund analyst, Khan has become an unlikely hero in education circles for his innovative methodology, one that turns the classroom dynamic upside down.
Awearness, Cole's philanthropic foundation, has pledged $500,000 to the nonprofit group Compass Partners, launching a partnership
"It's a very good culture of giving here in Minneapolis," he said. "There are good, generous, compassionate people here." "It's
"In this economy, in a place like Toledo with such a high unemployment rate you may have to create your own job," she said