The Next Big Idea?

In my view what will make or break a disruption using AI technologies is not the hardware but the software, which is us and our technological intuition to challenge common perceptions of what defines good performance.
Just as you start getting into the swing of things, daydream of marrying words into paper forever at your leisure -somewhere on a remote beach -- suddenly, you run into the Armageddon of all problems -- writer's block.
Sometimes what looks at first like a game-changer is seen in retrospect as a sustaining innovation instead. And that's no failure.
"Retirement" is no longer limited to meaning "the rest of my life of non-working," since we live longer and have a great deal of vitality and energy at fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty and beyond.
Hadfield enrolled at Harvard to study innovation, feeling it was an ideal spot for connecting with people who, he says, "want
Because the prices went up in 2010, he's making more now, and he'll charge $5 on Jan. 1, 2011, $10 on Jan. 2, $15 on Jan
At 29, Jake is a bit younger than most clients, but he came of age in a time when online dating lost its stigma and became
And a few miles south, out on ole' Route 49, sits a true American original helping to breathe life back into the Delta. To
The original version of this article appeared on AOL Small Business on 5/5/11. Everyone knows that air travel is a lot less
The original version of this article appeared on AOL Small Business on 4/27/11. Rent the Runway, which rents luxury frocks
Cupcakes were requested for soldiers in Iraq and fishermen in Alaska, but the publicity outpaced baking ability. At present
Franchisee Mike Moody, 49, Games2U's top revenue producer, was intrigued by the idea when he first heard about it, but had
It's not hard to see why the BoomCase has garnered attention -- in fact, so much so that Odbert had to stop taking custom
In 2007, Rollman, an advertising creative type working in San Francisco, was introduced to Corey Henderson, a computer engineer
Fortunately, his next-door neighbor happens to be a product developer in the aviation and automotive industries, and Gerolemon
So far, the Uni-Lazy has been donned by Stacey "Fergie" Ferguson and husband Josh Duhamel, as well as socialite Paris Hilton
"It was very hard to get our clothes 100 percent made in North America," says Litchfield, who was driven to keep his clothing
But her innovation was always top of mind. Phillips worked summers at Polo Ralph Lauren's leather goods division in New York
Right away, the two entrepreneurs knew this cow would milk. From the beginning, the co-founders knew that Farm Boy & Girl
"Beer has been brewed for over 10,000 years, and this is the strongest beer the planet has ever seen," Watt boasts. "This