The Next Big Idea?

In my view what will make or break a disruption using AI technologies is not the hardware but the software, which is us and our technological intuition to challenge common perceptions of what defines good performance.
Just as you start getting into the swing of things, daydream of marrying words into paper forever at your leisure -somewhere on a remote beach -- suddenly, you run into the Armageddon of all problems -- writer's block.
Sometimes what looks at first like a game-changer is seen in retrospect as a sustaining innovation instead. And that's no failure.
"Retirement" is no longer limited to meaning "the rest of my life of non-working," since we live longer and have a great deal of vitality and energy at fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty and beyond.
The idea of taking the ArtScience from an artistic experiment to the mass market grew out of the classroom. In 2007, Edwards
As you would expect, Sadler used social media to find his new team. Potential employees had to create a video resume, which
Valdez, however, isn't one of them. He just ended a committed relationship, but he doesn't have time to find a new one because
Today, guests of the Shack Up Inn can spend the night in one of those authentic sharecropper's shacks, much like the one
His messy realization got him thinking about how he could tap a business model similar to that used by Netflix, which delivers
One of the fledgling company's smartest moves, in fact, proved to be consulting with executives from several top-tier designer