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Yes, there are certainly some smart people who accept their party's faults and work within them to make changes... and then there are the slimeballs who we see on TV every day. It seems like most millennials would prefer to run the other way from the rats.
Since it's often unclear initially whether an earthquake has created a tsunami or not, the buoys play a crucial role in detecting
Scalia argued that the agency never determined whether the rule was "necessary and appropriate," claiming that it would end
A friend and I met up at a new bookstore and café in the centre of town, which has only been open for a month. The establishment
* The Securities and Exchange Commission is making government geeks happy with a user friendly redesign of its database of
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission again put off voting on a rule that would more strictly regulate the massive swaps
The bulk of pipeline oversight is conducted by state inspectors, many of whom have been furloughed for weeks at a time, according
that customized derivatives and structured products not be treated as permissible market-making activity Quick Hits Obama
* "Restaurant A" -- How Bill Marler's Food Safety News tied the salmonella outbreak to Taco Bell. A tough interpretation
The Federal Trade Commission reached a settlement with robocallers who deceived more than 13,000 customers by claiming to