This New World

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Readers share heartbreaking and searingly honest stories about their decision whether or not to have children because of climate concerns.
NGO Global Witness reveals that around the world, people are murdered and attacked for defending the Earth. Even in America, activists are being silenced.
July 29 marks the point at which we start to consume more than the Earth can replenish. And this date is getting earlier each year.
About one-third of Los Angeles County residents live within a mile of a drilling rig. In this community, the oil drilling facility is just feet away.
Controlled burning makes the land more resilient to wildfire and brings neighbors in this California community together.
The wave of machines taking over farms in the Netherlands has helped propel its rise to the world's second-biggest food exporter after the U.S.
American mothers get a raw deal post-birth, leaving many feeling exhausted, anxious and unsupported. These countries show it doesn't have to be that way.
In this Louisiana parish, residents are already surrounded by industrial plants and factories. They’re desperate to stop a new plastic company.