“These sightings are extremely encouraging for the future of tigers in our country and beyond,” a Thai official said.
Scientists have some issues with Netflix's hit documentary on zookeeper Joe Exotic.
The NBA legend is "not friends" with Joe Exotic, he said.
News of the deaths comes three years after nearly 150 tigers were removed from Tiger Temple over trafficking and abuse claims.
The Chinese government has “signed a death warrant for imperiled rhinos and tigers in the wild," environmentalists warned.
Tigress known as T-1 and two cubs may have killed as many as 13 people.
Officers in Scotland had a roaring shift on Saturday night.
Activists posted photos of the dead cat and called for a boycott of events that use animals.
His owner in Louisiana says he plans to get another big cat.
Angry zoo investors pushed the animal to its death at Yancheng Wild Animal World, Chinese media reports.