TikTok users are dipping their balls in the name of science, but actual scientists and urologists say folks misunderstood the research.
The "Friends" star and her 15-year-old daughter Coco Arquette offered a very updated version of "The Routine."
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The girls of TikTok are creating new aesthetic labels. For everyone who's not caught up, here's what's what.
The Chinese app “is considered a cyber threat,” an Army spokeswoman said Monday.
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TikTok, the popular Chinese-owned app, apologized to 17-year-old Feroza Aziz for suspending her account. But Aziz says she's unconvinced by their apology.
"The Morning Show" star is a hoot as she tries out the short-form video app with her 15-year-old, Deacon Phillippe.
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Teenagers in Nevada's Clark County used the popular video app to support their teachers ahead of a threatened strike — and organize a picket line of their own.
Gen Z’s favorite app is dealing with an elaborate NSFW scam.
The video-sharing app has let hate speech flourish as a growing number of users, many of them young, flock to TikTok.
Residents in Australia woke up to a horrific scene after a car exploded early Tuesday morning. They found a mutilated cat on the driveway, and a message written with its blood.
Residents in a quiet Australia neighborhood awoke to the blast of a car exploding early Tuesday morning. What they found
This week's 'Glee' nabbed a TV-14 due to its depiction of drunken debauchery (i.e. chugging wine coolers, body shots, and
Ke$ha hasn't been around very long but people are already starting to ask why she's famous. She claims not to use autotune