Tim Cook

Actor Hugh Grant slammed it as promoting "the destruction of the human experience."
Cook recommended the adjustment based on feedback from shareholders, the company said in a Securities and Exchanges Commission filing.
Following a meeting at the Cupertino company's HQ, Musk said its CEO "was clear that Apple never considered doing so."
Julie Lee Choi, who allegedly harassed Cook with pleas for sex and other crude suggestions, agreed to stay way from him for the next three years.
The rare courtroom appearance by the Apple CEO came during the closing phase of a three-week trial revolving around an antitrust case brought by Epic Games.
The CEO implied that platforms like Facebook and Twitter had prioritized conspiracy theories due to their "high rates of engagement."
A scathing 449-page report by a House panel describes instances where Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google misused their power for profit.
Trump's ally says the president can bust Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, the "Clintons" and others who oppose him.
Leaders from Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple answer for their companies’ practices as a House panel caps its yearlong antitrust investigation.
The president was touring a facility in Austin, Texas, with Apple CEO Tim Cook.