In a matter of weeks, the coronavirus has swept the globe and dramatically changed the way we live our lives. Yet, that innate human need for sex and intimacy hasn’t gone anywhere. But what does sex look like in the age of isolation, and how can we be truly intimate in the age of social distancing?
“I’m probably one of the most interesting cases because they actually found me on Tinder,” he explained.
Grandma Hattie, also known as "Tinder Granny," says the dating app is like shopping: “There’s a lot of things to buy here and I don’t even have to pay for them.”
Any way you swipe it, the comedian's idea could result in some funny get-togethers.
"'CEO at self-employed' definitely means you're a drug dealer, right?
Media personality Emile Ratelband says dropping 20 years from his age will put him "in a luxurious position" on Tinder.
These long-distance relationships start with registration, actual voting and then, for the love match, actually voting for Stacey Abrams. It's called "Tinderbanking."
None of us wanted to have an odd version of the birds-and-the-bees conversation.
"Life is basically avoiding people who have seen you naked while trying to find new people to see you naked."